With regard your data protection, once your order is received through our website we do print off a paper copy of your order which does record your name, address & email address and we do record your contact telephone details if forwarded as requested in our confirmation order email. This information is only used and retained to progress your order and dispatch same. Once your order is dispatched we delete your details from our computers but we do retain the paper copy for our records and to enable us to deal with any queries you may have with your order in the future.

We do not use your personal information to form any 'mailing lists' or pass your information to a 3rd party apart from obviously giving your name, address & telephone number (but not your email address) to our 'couriers' for delivery of your order.

We do not have access to your method of payment details, ie. credit/debit card information which is solely dealt with through our payment partner 'PayPal'.

PayPal do record your order and contact details and we do have access to this information through our PayPal account.

Should you have any queries regarding your Data Protection please email us with any concerns. Email:-  littera.photos@gmail.com.

Thank you.

George Peace

Marten Cottage Industries.