About us

‘Littera Photographic’:- the art of taking pictures of architectural and natural features in such a way as to form letters of the alphabet and turn these into ‘letter photo word art pictures’.

I have been involved with ‘architectural metalwork’ all my working life. Due to this I have always had an eye for seeking out the unusual and quirky details on buildings etc and it seemed an obvious progression to turn this into ‘Littera Photographic’.

I take all the photos together with my son and daughter and our respective partners so all the photos are unique to ourselves, keeping it in the family. As you choose the photos to make up the pictures this makes a truly personalised gift which is unlikely to be repeated by others.

We are based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and try to source all our products locally wherever possible, keeping it local and in the family.

Our frames are custom made and are purchased from a company in West Yorkshire with over 40 yrs experience in producing picture frames. The frames for the 2 to 6 letter pictures are manufactured from a ‘polcore’ (recycled polystyrene) moulding being 30 x 16mm in section. The frames for the 7 to 12 letter pictures are again from a ‘polcore’ moulding but having a 43 x 33mm section for added strength. All come complete with a hardboard backing.

Our photo mounts are again custom made by a separate company in West Yorkshire and are acid free and treated to help prevent ‘yellowing’.

The glazing for all the frames is 2mm thick Perspex, not glass, for added safety. The Perspex is ‘Acryglas XT’ which has excellent UV properties to help prevent ‘yellowing’ and is obtained from a national company with a depot in West Yorkshire.

Our aim is to supply unique personalised items manufactured from top quality materials at a realistic price.

George Peace B.Tech.